Sunday, August 7, 2011

Whole Day In K.L.

Ops, look like I am the last one who update this post and pictures... Haha paiseh... ^^'''

Right, let's start what I have done today.
I woke up early in the morning because I was too excited! (plus I slept in quite uncomfortable environment, snooring really disturb my sleep >.<)
After that I woke my cousins up and went down to swim in swimming pool which located at 15th floor of the building. (We didn't really swim but only play around)
*there are still some pictures of us playing water in swimming pool, but I don't think will upload here.  Stay tuned in my facebook's pictures. =)
I was playing like small kids.  I even got into the wrong washroom!!! I went into the male washroom!!! *blushed* so embarrassing!!! >.<
I think everybody in swimming pool also know that I went into the wrong washroom as I keep laughing and laughing with my cousin when we realize we made that mistake.  hahaha

The swimming pool there is nice!

After around 2 hours staying inside the water, we left that place and went back to our hotel to clean ourselves.  I got date at 11am, so I quickly clean myself and prepare for the date! =D

Syn Wei and her jimui came to Time Square here to meet me since I don't know how to go Pavillion.  *Thank you so much!* Then we had our brunch together.  (I was so hungry you know... My stomach was starving for food since 7am!)
We went to this place,
I don't think I will go to eat food in this restaurant anymore because their food aren't delicious and their services sucks!  Plus I seldom come to KL, so it is like impossible for me to come back to this restaurant to eat anymore.

We didn't know where to go in Times Square, so we walked to Pavillion.  We didn't know the short cuts from Times Square to Pavillion, so we took the long cut which we have to cross so many roads and walk under the sun, but the journey wasn't that long, is like walking from UK in Labuan to Jetty.  Haha
We also went to Tokyo Street which just opened on 29th July.  Lucky me. ^^
Wasn't that big and things inside there quite expensive, and you know la, MADE IN JAPAN ma... But one thing funny that we saw there is we saw MADE IN THAILAND's junk food!  I thought that is TOKYO street? hahaha
I even took pictures with Syn Wei and Jann.  (Jann really very small in size!!!)
Jann really pretty right? hehe
My auntie even said that they wear beatiful and I look so casual.  LoL!
I didn't know that go for shoppiing will wear so pretty ma, plus I didn't bring that much clothes here also. (can't blame me~ =p)

And then after that we were so tired, so we went to J'Coffee there to have a seat and drinks there.  We talked and talked until another of my friend who come from IPOH said that she was q-ing at snowflakes there.  We rushed there to meet her!  and we took pictures with her too! =DD
Seriously I was super excited when saw Meng Leng there! It was like having reunion when I saw her!
I didn't get to talk to them much because my auntie called and asked me to go back dy...
That time was around 4pm, but after that I didn't get to come back to hotel so didn't manage to update my blog.  I'm very happy today and also really enjoy the time we spent in Pavillion. =DDD

p/s: so many unexpected today! hahaha
p/s: tomorrow heading to Genting and continue my 2 nights there. =)))

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