Sunday, August 14, 2011

Johor Trip

In all sudden I decided to follow them to Johor as I don't want to just stay in Singapore for this 2 weeks.
I had yogurt ice-cream again today!  Gosh! I ate ice-cream yogurt for 3 days continuous!!! (worriying with my weight!)

I had great day there and got the chance to curl my hair! (temporary only... =p)
I didn't actually got the chance to do this until my grandma and uncle wanted to have foot massage, so auntie and I got time for this. Hahaha!
Then got great dinner in Japanese restaurant!
So after looking at the pictures above, now you understand why I keep on saying I have to worry my weight, because I none-stop eating in Singapore here, there are really lots of delicious food here!!!

Still thinking where to go tomorrow... Aih...


  1. Seems like you have been enjoying your holiday! And the food looks extremelt yummy!!
    Don't worry about weight lar, semester start only diet again. haha

  2. lol... gain weight is easy, but lose weight is damn difficult!