Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I'm super unlucky today! I wanted to have dinner at Sherwood yesterday as I didn't have the chance to eat at there.  (I heard their food there is superb!  So I wanna try them desperately!)

Finally I get myself sometime and decided to go there with my friend, but we were so unfortunately as the steak house didn't open due to Hari Raya eve! wtf!!!
How can they be like that?
(I went there once to try out their food, but that time there weren't seats for us... full house!)

So we went to Crocodile Rocks to try our luck... wtf!
They also closed dy due to the same reason!
Why Hari Raya all close??? I want to eat something good but all close????

Guess where we go at the end? We went East Grill... Guess that's the only steak house that still open during Hari Raya... ><
So damn unlucky la!
Couldn't put on my smile on my face at all... =(((

p/s: nice dress... =p

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