Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hostel Arrangement

Yesterday mid-night didn't get nice sleep.  (I got stomachache and went to toilet twice!)

I received message from my friend and been told that our hostel arrangement is finally done and we can check which room we get through smp!
The moment I received the message, I was so gan jiong but I can do nothing so I just asked my friend to check for me and I continue to sleep as the next morning I have to wake up early.

Just now when I turn on my facebook, wow! everybody is discussing about the hostel issues.  Some of them didn't get the room that they want, some of them looking for their new rommmate, and even there are some of them didn't get their room!

I got Beta 1 Tingkat 1 Unit 4 and Pintu 2, is a double room.  I haven't find my roommate so I have the positive thinking that I don't have roommate! (lol, stupid me... ><)
I told mummy that I got first floor for my coming semester.  Good thing is I don't have to climb so high to reach my room, but bad thing is first floor is much more dangerous that third floor... somemore I got no extra exercise to do... ><

Nevermind la, now I can't do anything as everything is already fix.  Just act normal and enjoy the rest days of my holiday lo...

p/s: still I will pray hard... ><

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