Saturday, August 20, 2011

What They Are Thinking?

There are so many things I want to talk about.

First of all, I don't understand why my uncle likes to read other's letter as the letter doesn't belong to him?
I didn't know about this until last week when I came back to grandma's house, grandma told me that my elder uncle open my second uncle's letter.  Walao! Where got people like this wor? How can he read others letter without asking the recipient's permission?
Then while we were in Singapore, my uncle came to grandma's house again to pray, he read my grandma's letter!  Wtf!
How can he be so no manners and doesn't know how to respect other privacy?
Hurmp... Although he is a policeman but then he doesn't have the right to do this! His action make me look down on him! As a police officer but his action is like so unrespect!!!!
And then hor, the letters that he read all are bank statement! Why la, he choose to read those bank statement somemore the bank statement doesn't belong to him!

Secondly, yesterday when I went out with my grandma, I saw my mom's teacher, Mr. Lu.  He said I look alike like my mom, and told my grandma that I'm not her grandchild as I'm my grandma's daughter's daughter which means daughter is married out from the family!!!
How can he says that? Girls are more careful  than boys.  Daughter love family than son! I don't see any of my grandma's son come back to visit her that often?! I don't see any of her 'sun' come back to visit her that often! We are the only family who come back to visit grandma once we got school holiday! Where is the others???!!! My mom and my auntie are the only daughters who care about my grandma the most! Others come back like once a year... They never care about grandma! Only my mom bring her to hospital when she sicks!
wtf!!! I hate him!!! F*** him!!!!

The third thing is, I don't understand why my elder auntie like to complain about her husband so much.  There is one time when I was still at her house, her husband called and asked her to help him to do something, but she scolded him and then complained to us that she doesn't want to help him to do as he will take it for granted and asked her to do more in the future.
I really don't know what she is thinking, cause she doesn't have to do anything else except for housework, is that so difficult to just to print out something out from the computer?
Sigh... One day if her husband go to find a 'secretary' out there then she will regret!
That night when we were having dinner out there, the next day of the dinner, she complain to us again that her husband didn't take vege for her when she is eating.  She complained that her husband not gentlemen enough.
I really speechless with her thinking.  Her husband is a very good husband as he helps her in housework and loyal to her, but she still complain so much.
She always said we never appreciate on what we have but actually she is the one who never appreciate on what she has! She has a lovely husband but she still want to complain about it, I really don't know what I should tell her as advice...

p/s: this is just my complain... if you dislike just ignore this.


  1. I think no matter the grandchildren is the son's children or the daughter's children, still it's undeniable that you have blood relationship loh, correct or not?

    That teacher very 古老十八代 lah... Being a teacher but so feudal minded. PUI!

  2. yalo... dislike him so much!!!