Monday, August 1, 2011

Durian Season

When there is semester break (the long break) that will be durian season!  Durian is one of my favorite fruit and I really like them very much although I got 'stung' by them every time I eat them.
One of my sis's friend who his family sells durians, so we decided to buy durians from them since their durian got no chemical fertilizer. (Healthy!)
The first time we bought 21 durians! I didn't want to buy that much, but they gave us as free!!! Well, it was last Tuesday when we first went to buy from them.
Today we went there again!  This time we bought 27 durians!  Gave 5 to my friends and some to my cousin and I gonna take some to my daddy. (is actually wanna give my youngest sister to eat)
By the way, durian is very fattening.  Said mummy when I was eating durian just now.  I know that they are fattening but I never say no to delicious food!  So who cares?!  Tomorrow then I will do some exercise to reduce the fats, but when tomorrow comes, I do nothing but continue with my durian. XD
That's why I'm this size now... =p

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