Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Life, I never choose for this

Yesterday when was on the way to Singapore, we were chatting.  Got no idea how we connect to my father, then grandma suddenly said:
you very sayang your father, keep on calling him 'daddy... daddy', you should call him his name!
I was like: he is my father of course I should call him 'daddy' la...

I never blame that I have this kind of father, I can't blame also.  If he is not my father and she is not my mother then I wouldn't be here already.  If he is not my father then my grandma got no 3 of us already.
This is life.
I can't choose for this, I can't choose who to be my parents, I'm born to this family then I have to accept it, don't ask me to reject him to be my father because this is the fact that he is my father.

I can't change who is my father, but I can choose to give my love more to who I want.  I love both of them but I love my mother more.
I'm rational, not emotional.

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