Friday, August 12, 2011

Marine Bay Sands

Currently in still in Singapore.
Since I'm here, I want to visit the new casino of Singapore.  (yeah, I'm above 21 already...)
In Singapore's casino, Singaporean or PR they have to pay SGD100 each before they go in, but foreigner can go in with passport.
I'm a foreigner here so I can go in without paying any cents. =)

I gambled, because I got nothing to do in there.  (didn't win any money la)
If I didn't gamble when I go in there and watching others gamble, I would have sleep inside there, unless I don't have to stay with them for so long time.
We even took our dinner in the casino!
(Seriously if you compare with Malaysia's casino without convert into RM, the restaurant in Singapore's casino is much cheaper than Malaysia's!)
Outside the casino.
I didn't take any picture of the casino as we are not allowed to take any picture in casino.  =(
Oh ya, I make my member card there too! LoL
So now I have 2 casino's card. XD
I gonna make another casino's card in Sentosa.

p/s: I only know that Singapore has 2 casinos... > <

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