Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Day In Singapore

Tomorrow morning I will be in the bus going back to Malaysia.  Oh, I really miss Malaysia, because my home is there!  Don't ask me to compare Singapore with Malaysia, because there is nothing to compare, Singapore is far too good than Malaysia. 

I when to Hougang today and have my hair cut.
The barber there thought I was still secondary! Wow, I got look that young???  Or just because he wanted to make me feel happy???  Hahaha.  Surprisingly that he is also Malaysian and taking PR in Singapore, keep on asking 'none of his business questions' like what course I'm taking, how old am I, where am I studying, (alright, I know that is just normal questions but still nothing to do with him!) and even asked whether I got boyfriend!  Really kepo!

Before hair cut, I had my lunch at
Japanese curry rice! (I don't taste any spicy on the food... >.<)

We wanted to go back when it was 3pm, but since my younger auntie still in VIVO city (I went to this mall yesterday), so we went to VIVO city to meet her by MRT. (Singapore's pucblic transport is more more more organize than Malaysia!  You will fall in love in Singapore if you come here.)
I was hungry since I took my lunch at 12pm, so I had tea time at 5pm in a burger shop. (I forgot the name of the shop, but I really ate the whole huge burger and FYI, the burger's size is double of normal burger you ate in MCD!)  Then I had dinner again at 7.30pm. I couldn't finish the whole bowl of rice as I was still full, delicious dishes were in front of me but I got no strong appetite to eat them...

I really can't imagine of the moment when I stand on the weight machine.  (my uncle said I will increase another 10kg because I really ate too much this time)

p/s: auntie said I really look different this time when she saw me, even her husband also said I look prettier than last time.  (I think is because I'm no longer a little girl but a lady... )
p/s: someone told me that she bought me birthday present already... hahaha

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  1. As long as you compare Msia's public transport to other advance countries, you'll definitely fall in love with that country, no matter it's Sg or Taiwan...