Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blood Pressure

Recently my family members are so hot with blood pressure.  Both of my aunts bought the blood pressure machine due to their husband (my uncle) have high blood pressure.
Now grandma also have one since she has to ride motor to another side of the corner to measure her blood pressure every week.  (she is now 74 years old, it is so dangerous for her to ride motor alone and cross the road alone...)

Today the other uncle of mine measure his blood pressure and the result showed ---> high!

(FYI: desirable blood pressure is 90-119/60-79, so if your blood pressure is not in that range, you should be careful of that...)

Everybody must alert of each blood pressure, because high blood pressure and low blood pressure can cause lots of disease, especially high blood pressure!
If you are under age of 65 years old, and you have high blood pressure, you better do more exercise, eat healthily and also stop smoking! (if you smoke)

Health is yours, nobody can help you except yourselves.
Go measure your blood pressure today to make sure you are in normal rate.

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