Monday, October 3, 2011

Hello October

This is the first Monday in this month.  I know that most of us will get Monday Blues whenever Monday comes, but guys, let's us make our Monday become colourfull instead of blue!  Lol (jk)

Recently I have thought lots of things, not because of I go through lots of things but because I see through lots of things.  Life and death...  Nobody can really predict.  You can only appreciate.

Many people think that they are so pity and helpless but when you think of others properly, you can see that actually you are already very lucky and should appreciate on what you have.

Life is really short.  You will never know when your friends are leaving, when your family might leaving and even yourselves.  That's why you have to make use of every single moment and time before you say you got no time in this world.

I am so lucky now seriously, compare to the others.

Let's us make our October shines. =)

p/s: I hate you as you really tak pandai become a human.
p/s: there will be phase 2 in this month, not easy and super difficult!  
p/s: let's us work hard for this. =)

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