Friday, October 21, 2011

Busy Me

This week is also very busy.  Well, I should correct it and say: This semester is super busy!!!  There are so many assignment this week (I know I procrastinate also... =(... bad habit.... )

I feel like I'm almost like one week with a post! Oh no, this is super not like me la...  I want to update blog like I used to be.  I want to update blog when I am sad, when I'm busy, when I'm happy, everything happens in my life!  Gosh, where is my time? =(
Updating blog really do need mood and time, but too bad when I got the mood to update blog, I got no time for that, but when I was free to update blog, I got no mood to update!  Fuh, what's wrong with me??? =(

Firstly we supposed to have our logical design workshop on the 3rd of October, but the speaker wasn't prepared as the organizer didn't remind and inform the speaker earlier, so the date was postpone to 10th of October.  Then we went and prepare for the workshop on 10th, but who knows that the speaker was in KK and nobody inform us about this.  We had to postpone the workshop again to 17th.  We supposed to have our phase 2 presentation on 17th, because of this and because of there are lecturers who not around, we have to postponed our phase 2 to 24th!  Alright, that might be a good thing because most of us didn't get the time to prepare for that.  
Now everything changes!
Our phase 2 postponed again because some of the students got activities in the main campus!  Argh, I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing... Sigh, all the time and schedule seem to be postponed and now it becomes a mess to me. =(

This few days so many things changing.  Besides of assignments, opinion of people towards me also changes.  I never know that the incident could have change my image of what people is thinking on me. =(  I never know that my action could make my friends around me think that I'm an evil person, because what I did is to make the person stronger and forget about me.  I didn't mean to harm, even if that really hurt him, it is just for awhile because I hate to make people pain in a long period.  
Now whatever, I don't want to care who and how they think about me, because I'm who am I.  I like the way I am.

p/s: life is about up and down, if your life without this, then it could be a super boring one. =p
p/s: life is risk or nothing. =)

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