Sunday, October 30, 2011


Life hasn't gone well, after one down another problem for me to solve.  Maybe all these make us become stronger and stronger so we can face more difficulties in the future.  Although thinking at the positive way, we get good things in return in the future, but think rationally, this is super suffering and who wants problem to occur?  Nobody wants to have problems but it just come whenever they like.  One problem maybe you can face it nicely, but when problems suddenly pop-up just like that without any earlier notification, you might depressed and helpless.  This is what I feel now.  I know I have promised myself not to be that or negative, but when things happen once, you can overcome with your smile.  Things happen twice, you might mumbling on why problems have to occur twice.  When things happen thrice, you could have been crying for that already.  Like I did.  Nobody knows what it gonna be, to prevent? You don't even know what is the problem is, to seek for the problem, you don't even have the time to do it.  Right, I know that are just excuses that we are giving to ourselves.  Sometimes I really really feel tired with all this troubles and problems, it is really tiring.  

When will it stopped?  
Nobody knows...  

Who will care?
Nobody cares except you yourselves...

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