Saturday, October 8, 2011

Out Of Luck

Recently I don't know what happen to me, something wrong I guess or maybe He said, is my turn to get bad lucks.  Well, if He really meant this then I shall face all this with all the strength and courage that I have.  I really don't know what to do sometimes.  When things messed up, I seriously wish I have a place to cry but this isn't my home, the environment force me to be stronger.

What else I can do except for this?  I really got no idea.

All along I have been very optimistic (I guess), I gave all the reason to myself when I faced problems.  I gave myself advises when I faced problems.  I gave encouraged myself when I feel helpless!  You know what?  This self motivation is super tired but when things were settled, I feel relief that I have make the right choice of facing my problems instead of thinking or putting myself in a upset mood.

Like a friend of mine said, "This is life, we have to go through this until the end of our life."  True and I admit that.  Maybe is the only way to make me grow up.  (really dislike adult's life but I know there shouldn't be dislike in the dictionary but adapt to it)
I know that life is part of adventure or nothing so I rather choose the adventure part instead of nothing.  At least I can colour my life up!

Another friend of mine told me that I am a person who afraid of help from friends.  Let me justify this.  I don't mind of helps from friends, but I don't like when my friends have to do things just to cheer me up.  I know this is so call friendship but that make me feel guilty as I know I don't have the qualify to be treated that good.  (I'm not a good person)

I do what I think is right, and what I think is rational.  For instance, I wish to get things that I want but I have to see the condition if the condition allows me to do so.  Nobody can control you of doing things you like, if there is a person does able to control you, then what I can say is you are the stupid one.  (no offence)

After all the bad lucks since the semester starts, I still got the so call 'six sense' that the bad luck will continue for maybe 1 weeks.  So what?  I believe I can manage the 'bad luck' well.  Because after the rain you will still see the sun and maybe you will see rainbow!  =D
I love rainbow because they are colourful and always make people cheer when they saw rainbow.

Alright, I think I should back to work and do what I have to do. 
Life is always full of lights. =))

p/s: thank you so to all my friends who try to help me and helped me.
p/s: guess what, suddenly black out!!! @@

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