Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Letter To Darling

Dear Darling, 

I have been missing you already.  It is only few days, but I already miss you already.  I know now you can't talk and can't give me any respond.  I don't know when you will come back to my side...  You are now in ICU, the doctor said they got no idea what problem with you yet, that's why they need to observe you in ICU for few days. 

This 2 days without you I feel so lonely and uncomfortable but I still can eat and sleep like others.  I guess I will adapt to it when time passes, if you love me too then don't leave me, if you leave me away then I will forget you.  So stay by my side k?!


Have you been missing me?  I am missing you now...  I don't hope to find another 'you' to replace your current position.  I hope to get you back.  I know that this is kinda impossible but it is still my hope.  I never want you to leave me away.  I want you to be with me.  =(

I'm loving you so much no matter how outsiders say bad about you...
So please come back K???

p/s: pray hard hard for this... Hopefully darling can pass through all this and we can reunion...

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