Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Someone Cried

Don't ask me for further information of this.  If you can understand the story here, then just keep quiet, but if you couldn't understand... Ops... blame on your brain... XD

That day Elena, Caroline and Bonnie went out for something and guess what they came back with fight.  A small tiny fight.  The fight began is because Caroline was so not understanding and keep on blaming on others as she is the only person who thinks right.  
Caroline still angry after she went home, so she went to have a bath and finally she cool down a little.  (that's a good sign)

Then Caroline went out again with Bonnie and didn't expect to meet Elena at outside of the house, so Elena join the walk!  Elena tried her best to cheer Caroline up although she did nothing wrong.  (Caroline is always thinks she is the right one... and she also a very stubborn person.)
Things seem to become better because Elena finally successfully make Caroline smile.

There is a party at night, so Caroline went out again, and Bonnie followed.  Bonnie asked along Elena for the party.  They set a time and meet at a place.  Caroline didn't know about Bonnie has asked Elena to go together and Caroline just walked forward without heading to the place where Bonnie had already told Elena.  Bonnie didn't mention about waiting for Elena before they went to their destination.  

Guess what happen then?

When Caroline and Bonnie back from party, Elena is there with the event's attire!  Obviously she has been waiting for another 2 girls to go together!  OMG!!!  Bonnie quickly ran to Elena and sit infront of her.  Elena called, smsed both of them, but they didn't realize it as the party was so noisy.  Elena waited both of them for around 3 hours!  Pity her...  Caroline thought: no wonder there was rain when they went out, because the God knows Elena is waiting her over there.  The God wanted Caroline to turn back and walk back home so that she can see Elena waited there!  Bonnie realized it was raining too, but Caroline insists to go to the party even if it is raining.

Caroline doesn't know what to do, just put on her very master fake smile on her face looking at Elena and Bonnie.  Elena's eyes were wet, tears were almost dropping out.  Then she wake up and walk back to her house and when she turn her back, she wipe her tears off...  
Caroline and Bonnie looking at each other.  They realize something wrong, but they do not know what to do.  They just left Elena go back alone and cry alone...

Then Caroline and Bonnie walked home together, Caroline threw her temper on Bonnie and cause Bonnie upset too!  In a day Caroline make 2 of her besties sad and angry.  She thought this would end her miserable day, but who knows she left her phone in the room with silent, she didn't realize there is emergency call!  Now she can't help to solve the problem.

To Be Continue...

Fuh!  How's the story?  
Caroline shouldn't be so selfish!  She didn't even say a word 'sorry' because she kept thinking that's not her wrong and she has very strong self-respect!

No idea how Caroline, Bonnie and Elena will become then?  Maybe they will remain on what is going on now and ignoring each other or maybe if someone bring a step out, they can be friends like before??
Nobody knows...

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