Monday, October 3, 2011

Loss of Iron

Got up early today just to attend the workshop at 10.30am, but since there is no extra empty class and the speaker forgot about us, so they decided to cancel the workshop.

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to town, but I forget to mention about I went for donation.  I saw blood donation campaign there when my friend went for a hair cut, so I try again whether I can donate blood as I couldn't donate last time due to lack of iron in my body.
I filled the form, I had my weight check up, I had my blood pressure check up (I almost didn't pass... @@) and the last check up: the density of my blood.  My blood couldn't sink into the bottom of the beaker! It floats!!!!
I asked the person to try again but the same result came out.

Just now when I was in the main building, I told my friend about this, he asked me to eat more iron for this few days as there will be another batch of blood donation campaign that will come to our campus!
So I went to do some research on Iron.

I realize that red meat consist of high iron but the problem is I seldom got the chance to eat red meat here!
Besides that there are also vegetarian food that high in iron:
curry powder (I had twice ady this few days)
oat & wheat bran (I have my oat as breakfast! @@)
apricots (hard to find here)
hazelnuts (I can only find in chocolate!!!)
almonds (kinda expensive, now out of budget!)
sesame seeds (seldom have this at here)
soya beans (I think I should drink more recently)
wholemeal bread (seldom eat bread dy... )
red kidney beans (difficult to cook...)
green peas (my friend doesn't eat this and cause I got no chance to eat this in this semester)
spinach (hurmp... I don't know where to find if I don't go to wet market here)
eggs (I ate lots of eggs recently but why my blood density still not high?)

I really don't know why this happen to me as I got eat lots of healthy food but why?  I hope to donate blood la!!!

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