Thursday, October 27, 2011


I never celebrate Halloween.  I only see this celebration from shows.  I never experience the real Halloween party before, maybe I shall have a try and experience it myself! 
When I was young, Halloween is a very scary day for me, because people around us will wear in scary or weird custom and scare people around.  I thought it was real!  When I grown up, I realized there are all fake.  The childishness mind of mine has already gone.  Now if I been invited to attend any of Halloween party, I think I will choose the ugliest character and custom for the party!  (sounds interesting!)  Too bad, Halloween doesn't really famous in Malaysia.

Maybe one day when I am capable, I can organized an event on this! Halloween party! XD  Or maybe I shall go out there and explore this myself!  

p/s: Halloween is at 31st of October!  Enjoy yourselves... 
p/s: candy or tricks ;)

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