Monday, October 3, 2011

Changes In All Sudden

Suddenly so many things change in one day.

Workshop got canceled and might postpone to Saturday.  (my weekend gone again...)

E-community that we planned to do on November have to bring earlier to end of October, due to lots of activities in campus in November + Raya.  (Suddenly have to done that by this month)

Tonight I gonna have 2 meetings continuously!  (from 7pm to meet Sir Jonathan for Web Programming tomorrow's class presentation then 8pm is my group assignment on SAAD)

Besides of assignments, there are something else that has changed too!

The campus is now currently unavailable to apply for streamyx.  We thought this is only for new applier, so we didn't bother about that and continue using our streamyx.  (still have to thank God that make me wanna come back earlier) Friends of mine who has streamyx and still under contract can't get their streamyx because the Beta office just officially stopped all the streamyx contractor to come into the campus no matter we want to continue our streamyx or apply new line for streamyx.  Now they can't get any internet connection (they can get slow connection from the campus but not fast one) but they have already pay for the 4 months without using the internet.  (We had 4 months holiday and because we are still under contract so we can't terminate the line, but we have to pay for it)
I seriously don't know what I can do for them.
MPP, PM all have done their job on this.  I heard that now they are going to find the Pengarah to talk about this.
Now the campus look like so calm from the outside but actually many things have already happen inside.

I also can't do anything but what make me worry is I got lots (I really do mean a lot!!!) of assignments to do!!! I really don't know how to handle them and all the stress making me feel like wanna procrastinate!

I need motivation please... =(

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