Sunday, October 2, 2011

Out Again!

Sounds like we were so free!
No! we were not.  We have something to do actually so since we have to go town, I think it is okay to meet Lynn there after her Sunday service.
We wanted to do our survey as well, but too bad some of them do not know English and we started to regret why we didn't prepare BM version for the questionnaire...

Anyway, that wouldn't be a problem cause there will be another way for it. =)
We have stress for the whole week doing assignments and sleep late at night, but we still have time to have fun!
Yeap, stress and fun is part of our life, so manage your time well, so that you can enjoy your time in this life.

p/s: do enjoy your life in this life because you will never know you or friends around you have how much time left.
p/s: do you notice that Debbie cut her fringe?  She looks younger now! =p

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