Monday, October 31, 2011

FYP Consultation Phase 2

Finally it is here, our FYP consultation phase 2 which should be held last 2 weeks ago.  It has been postponed for 2 weeks and guess what, most of us stay up late last night to finish the DFD and ERD! Even though we have given more time to do that. 
Procrastinate really KILLS!
Go with a good nice smile although we are really tired and tired.
I'm lazy to find a better outfit, so just black and white for today.  Super Formal.
I don't think we did badly for the consultation just now, maybe is because the person who gave advise isn't the person that I 'like'.  Hurmp... bad impression on her.  Just I don't get it why she wants to be that aggressive!  Never mind, you are the consultant and I shall listen to you.
(really have to rush for everything, these 3 days gonna be tough day for me.)
Hot Hot day today.  From main building walk to the cafe for dabao then back to room, I already sweat as I have gone for a evening jog!  Fuh, the weather is getting hotter and hotter which means the Earth is getting weaker and weaker. =(
Although the weather is hot, but I still want to eat local food ---> Nasi Lemak!  Alright mummy, I promise I will drink more water. =D
It is so fulling and the fried chicken is so damn delicious!  I wanted to have more, but it is fattening as well, so one will do.  (Don't say I didn't eat meat already, I do pamper myself on food. =p)

p/s: holiday is coming soon, I miss home... =((
p/s: there are so much stress and tension lately, don't dare to call home... I scared I will collapse, trying to be strong now.. =((

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