Monday, October 24, 2011

Challenging Yourselves

Friends of mine have been chosen to join this DiGi Challenge for Change, and I am jealous on them.  I did at first that I don't feel to go even if I'd been chosen, but since phase 2 consultation is postponed, I would like to go.  Furthermore this is a 'camp' of challenging yourselves with your friends that you know!

Friends of mine thought I wouldn't want to join this as there are so many things and assignment in this week and there are so many stuffs to follow up.  Hurmp... maybe you don't know me, if I been chosen, I would have gone with you, if I have been asked to go, I would have join you guys.  But none of the above situation happened to me, that's why I didn't go.

This is university life.  For me, university life without challenging yourselves that would be nothing at all.  Because you will hardly remember the memory of your university life if there is no climax there.  I wondering now whether I have climax in here.
Well, since I missed the most 'stress' and 'tension' part here, maybe I should replace them with other thing.

p/s: jealous although I know you guys are exhausted.
p/s: make myself a miracle. =p

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