Thursday, October 27, 2011

Someone Cried 2


Caroline realized that she was the one who make mistake.  She knows Bonnie would have bond them (Elena and Caroline) back together, but she doesn't want to trouble Bonnie anymore as Bonnie always help her on settling this kind of problem.  So Caroline decided to start the first step to make their relation become better.

Caroline brought out her phone, and smsed to both Bonnie and Elena whether they want to go out together or not on the next day.  Too bad Elena has her own stuff to do and Bonnie was being lazy to go out again...  Elena suggested to go out some other day because she is busying with her event of the school!  Caroline quickly use this opportunity to apologize to Elena and wishes Elena could have scolded her laud and sound, but Elena didn't scold her but tole her how important she is to her.  (OMG, the story is so touching! I almost cry of that!) Caroline can't control her tears, the tears keep dropping down when she read through what Elena told her.  Caroline was so touched!

(Story almost end here)

Caroline was so glad that she made the first step, although even if she didn't make the first step out, there will be no changes in their relationship.  But now their relationship has become better than before, at least the there is no scar on the heart, everything healed!  
Three of them were so happy and decided to hang out again!  Hurmp... maybe Halloween Night?

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