Saturday, October 22, 2011

Good Morning

Morning bloggers and readers~

It is Saturday!  Really it has been awhile that I didn't get to have this relax and free weekend.  Although this is relaxing but I know I have to make use of this 2 days so that I won't have to rush again in the coming assignment's due date.  I realize that I really like procrastinate!  I know it is a bad habit, that's why I'm trying to overcome it. =p

Good morning my friends~

Recently, I have been stressed up with all the assignments and lack of sleep.  I never have this kind of life previously, even I had it was because of events and functions!  But this time is because of assignment.  I am seriously so glad that I didn't join any of the activities because I doubt I can handle them well as I will put my assignment as my first priority.

Good Morning people~

It is a wonderful Saturday, what's your plan for today?  Continue with your assignment?  Or enjoy your day today?  I think I will make my day today with assignments and joyful.. (I doubt myself on the assignment...  because the lazy buds have visited me!)

Good morning love~

My friends they have joined an event in the main campus, wish them have a wonderful today too!  Although they complaint that it was a super tough competition...  (at least you guys get the experience there, I wish I am there too!)

p/s: have a good day~ XD

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