Monday, October 24, 2011

Morning Monday

Had an early phase 2 'consultation' with our supervisor, really glad that we did so, if not there will be problem occur during our FYP phase 2 consultation.  Our lecturer gave us a weekend time to finish up our DFD Level 1 but we procrastinate and cause us sleep at 3am!  FML!
But luckily we managed to finish them up and presented to him!  Now what we need to do is correction and then prepare for the next meeting with him and the phase 2 real consultation. =)

After that, I went to have breakfast with my friend at the cafe (the only cafe in our campus).  We were sitting on the place where only available for 2 people, while we were eating, I realized that there is a guy kept looking at us.  I wonder what are they looking.  Then when the guy and his friend went off, my friend told me that she realized both of them were looking at us!  >'''<

Then I told my friend maybe is because we both look like lesbian as I wear like a man and she wear like a lady! XD
I was in this when we went for breakfast, I left my hair down without tied them up, but I know I was sitting there with very rude posture, maybe that's why they look at us maybe thought that we are lesbian.  @@
My friend always do wear clothes in lady, because she has hot body shape and even she wears like a man, she will still look like a lady.  XD

If I really do look like a man, maybe I should change myself to become more lady, because I don't want others to misunderstand that I'm a lesbian.  (although most of them already thought so...)

p/s: today should be a sleeping day, but I refuse to sleep for whole day because that will make me feel guilty... =(
p/s: do you know how much I miss you? thank god you come back dy, we can eat something nice with you dy~

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