Saturday, October 8, 2011

McD Gathering

I thought of wanna put "Mandarin Class Gathering" but since there are some who already put this so I think  "McD Gathering" would be better. 

We had been collected some money for Mandarin class.  At first the lecturer said the money is for the Mandarin Club (which it existed for the previous years but when it pass to our batch the club become so inactive) so we have to collect each of us around RM10.
We collected the money and pay for this and that and at the end we have RMXXX.  (P&C)

Since we have extra money with us, they decided to go have a small gathering at McD.
Everything was planned last minute without meeting or confirmation with everybody so at the end from 16 people, only 13 people went for the gathering.
My face is still as big as usual.  Alright, just ignore the mess of the table.  I know we should have choose a better place for taking picture and this picture is way too formal.  I wanted request for a funny look group picture but since everybody was busying 'dabao' for their friends so I didn't request for that.

Currently McD has their promotion on the Family Dinner so I ordered that. 
Scary right? So many of us ordered this.  But I didn't manage to finish them and brought them back to feed the hungry girl... (I guess she was so thankful that I brought her some food!)

p/s: this gathering is way so formal la... seriously dislike... and why we have to sit separately?!  Why the managing so sucks?!

I just realized that eat can't reduce the sadness of mind but eat can reduce my stress... No wonder how much I eat recently I can reduce my sadness... LoL

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