Thursday, October 6, 2011

Awful Day

Yesterday morning when I got up, I got very weird feeling of my stomach, I knew that I will get this feeling as I ate lots of watermelon one day before my menstrual.  I didn't know that I will come the next day and I forgot that it will come soon so I ate lots of cold watermelon.

The next day (yesterday) I don't have the feeling of good at all for the whole day.  Menstrual pain was torturing me and I can hardly force a smile on my face to show that I'm alright.  I kept on blaming on the watermelon that cause me this kind of sickness.  I seldom have menstrual pain, even if I do usually it will be like awhile and a very light pain only. =(
I wanted to skip the morning class cause I can hardly walk when the pain attacked, but when I realized that I need a doctor's letter to skip class, I rather go to class.  I hate to see doctor, furthermore this is just a very small sickness that the doctor will only give you painkiller tablets.  (I went to see doctor before when I had my menstrual pain.)  So I feel that go to seek for a doctor because of menstrual pain is really useless and wasting of time.

Menstrual pain is really annoying.  Seriously!  The pain is not like continuous pain all the time, the pain is attacking you like once awhile.  Maybe this 10 minutes you will feel the pain, but after that you feel nothing, then awhile later you will feel the pain again!
I don't mind of the pain actually as long as if the pain doesn't effect me when I was doing my assignment, but too bad because I don't feel good with the pain as I can't really concentrate on my assignment when the pain attacked!
Can you imagine that?  (well, those who doesn't have gone through menstrual pain they will never understand this kind of pain)

I couldn't even sleep well last night.  Last night it was like difficult night for me, I can feel the pain even when I was sleeping!  I had to find a nice position and pose to sleep, if not my stomach will feel uncomfortable again.  Fuh... What a night... @@
It was still second day... Hopefully the pain will go away quickly... 

p/s: I really don't dare to eat watermelon at night and before menstrual... =(((

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