Sunday, October 16, 2011

LI Workshop

I had our LI (Latihan Industri) workshop Friday night and Saturday (whole day).  It was a fun workshop but on Saturday I feel saturated during the 11am to 1pm slot.  I can't really absorb any of the knowledge and I felt sleep...  @@ bad Cai Yi...
From this table, you can see it how pack it is on our weekend!
I was really busy and tired with this workshop, but I seriously learn something from there. =D
Our "big family photo".  Just realized I stood at the center!!! @@
Took photo with smart people too!!! 5 of them are smart and famous people in SSIL! unlike me... lol
but I like the way I am. =D
One of the speaker. Madam Haslinda.
She taught us lots of thing, now is time for me to apply it.
Until now I only manage to apply some only.  I still need time to make myself apply all of it. =D
Before went to the talk, camwhore awhile in the house. =p
(SW said: wah this formal shirt again, guess your blog only show this formal shirt...)
I know that and I don't think that would be a big problem.  LoL  because I like that formal shirt so much. =D
Friend abusing. =p
(Break time and I was trying to make myself relax after sitting on the chair for 2 hours!  My butt become flat dy....)
Camwhore again.. =p
Took picture of numbering.  Can you guess what number are they posing?

We had day session and night session.  The day session was about interview and resume. What we have to do during interview and what we shouldn't do during interview, format of resume and how to do an outstanding resume.  It was interesting but too saturated at the second slot, and that make me can't fully concentrate on what the speaker was talking. @@

After lunch, I my energy came back and I can continue my concentration. =D

Night session was grooming, so I put on make up which is my favorite and then put on my favorite formal short and bring along my blazer.  I know I looked normal that night because there are more of them who look 'wow'!  Never know they can be that pretty and good looking.  LoL
This also showed that there is no ugly or not pretty people in the world, it's only the way of how you make yourselves look good.  =)

p/s: sorry for the late update on everything, I was really busy and I don't think I will have the time to upload more blogs in the future, because there are really lots assignment to rush for this whole month... 
p/s: wish me luck and good luck to you. =D

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