Friday, May 18, 2012


A friend of mine had his super unlucky day yesterday, luckily he has girlfriend right now to comfort him.  I'm too busy recently and keep ignore him when he finds me in FB.  Sorry.  

People said when you had your worst, you will get something good in return.  

Recently there are so many things happen.  All things really can happen like so suddenly where you never expect it to happen.  Someone with super good result can suddenly got the lowest mark in the class; someone who always the attention in class and favorite by all friends can suddenly become the people hate the most; someone who always drive slowly and carefully can also involve in an accident.  There are so many unpredictable things and they always happen when we got no preparation for this at all.  Well, this is call as life.

Somehow if you treat all this as an experience or challenge, then you can actually find out that there are lots of special things happen at the back where you get supports and true friends come along.  
Anyhow, I wish all my friends who are facing problem no matter in their assignment or personal life, can have a better way to solve their problem and move forward to another beautiful path of life.


  1. What happen to those without gf?

  2. they have to find to chat with friends lo... haha