Sunday, May 27, 2012

Troll Mom

Yesterday saw mommy online in facebook, so I click on her profile and chat with her.  I asked her to call me (this is what I always do when I saw her online cause once she online means that she is free to call me). =p

Usually mommy will not reply when I inbox her, but this time she replied: Don't want.  
But of course she did call me.  I asked her who was the person just now who used her account to reply me.  It was my mommy!  That was really her, I thought my sis used my mommy's account when my mommy was away or something!  -____-

Then told her that I cut my hair myself and also help a friend to cut her hair too!  She doesn't sound surprise and I don't know why.  Then I told her that I didn't have proper dinner last night but only cereal + oat because I feel guilty of eating so much in the afternoon and her respond is super TROLL!

Me:  Miii, I only eat oat + cereal for my dinner...  So cham leh...
Mom:  Why?
Me:  I so fat, have to eat less dy... must diet liao...
Mom:  No need to diet la, already so fat no need to diet liao... must eat more!!!
Me:  (wtf) fat liao only must diet la... fat liao still eat more will become fatter...
Mom:  (laughing)

She was so troll and I guess she was in a super good mood, because she seldom respond that way!  Usually she will say: why never control when you eat before this? Now only say fat liao need to diet.
But I prefer she become troll mom than strict mommy like she used to be. =p

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