Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stress = Pimples

Recently because of stress, pimples all pop out on my face!  I never see so many pimples come together in one time!  This is the first time and hope this is the only time that will see so many pimples on my face. >_<
Can you see my forehead full with pimples?  I never face this kind of problem before!  The pimples are big and pain! =(
FYP really can make a person become uglier from outside but make a person become clever from inside. 

Oh! Did I mention that my hair is super long liao???  My hair length is now until lower waist!  but my fringe is still short, I can hardly put my fringe behind my ears so I either have to tie them up or pin them up.  I usually pin them up but when I realize I can tie my fringe together with my hair behind, I prefer to tie them up.

Okay, you can see my pimples from here clearer. > w <
I tie my hair all up, so I would feel so warm when I'm doing FYP or assignment!  But I will never tie this out from my hostel, cause I know I look weird!

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