Wednesday, May 30, 2012

He is GONE

It happens so suddenly.  Yesterday I called mommy to tell her that I gonna post all my stuff on 4th of June (but now already change to 9th of June! Geram!!)  Then she gave me a super surprise news.  My uncle has passed away.

Before FYP presentation, mommy told me that he had cancer which is already in the 4th stage.  But he had done his operation and the doctor had also declare that he is fine.  But who knows that after few weeks, mommy had to attend to his funeral.  This is really like so suddenly.

Seriously don't know how to feel right now.  He wasn't close to me, but just never expect he will leave us so suddenly.  All I can say is hope his family will get better soon.

ps: this 3 years so many things happen and I'm not at their side.

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