Tuesday, May 8, 2012

FYP is so NEAR!!!

I was like in honeymoon mood all along this few months and now when the deadline become nearer I started to freak out and no idea how and what to do now!  I seriously jealous, jealous and jealous to their FYP (you know who I mean) because their FYP can be finished just in few weeks!  Looking back at my own report, we need to more more more time than just 2 semester to finish it!  I'm really not good in coding and I don't know why I'm here!!!  Oh HELL!!!

Every time when I thought of FYP, my emotion change.  I will become super duper emo and started to think that there are so many things that haven't be done!  (seriously none of the function working or complete!  I really don't know how to die this time!!!)  Gasp...

I wanted to concentrate so much in FYP, but I got stress when I concentrate for very long time.  And now I got something distract me.  I went to google search and search for hair color.  I plan to color my hair myself!!!  Fuh, guess that's the most exciting thing for me right now to motivate myself to continue FYP.  Because I can only dye after FYP to respect all the lecturers and examiners.


I think I need to back to work dy...

p/s: I will post about my hair later when everything ends!  wish me luck!!! I need super duper lots of lucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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