Thursday, May 17, 2012


Talking about blog.  Last night my friends and I were suddenly don't know how the hell we started the topic about the blog.  Looking at all the posts that I have written, it has been almost 4 years from the first post I started in 2008 around July.   

Click back to the older posts, (back in 2008 and 2009 year) I found out that I was so childish (I know I'm still childish) and I was so so young!  
Look back the newer posts, I am so different dy.  There are different in the inner side of me and also outer side of me.  The inner side is I change lots of view on how I should feel and I should do while the outer side is I transform from a NOT so FAT person into a SUPER FAT person.  omg!

I never know that I will blog for this long, and I wonder will I continue after I finish my studies?  University life is so busy where I only get to update so few posts in a month especially in the last 2 semester.  I wonder can I manage my time well and still blog until age 90?
Haha, it will be long way to go and it is a long way to think of!

More than a thousand post I have created.  Some saved into draft and also some published to public.  Lots of up and down here.  Sometime I think of delete all the post and start something new, but I feel heavy to let go all the posts that has been posted so many years ago.

Anyhow, I still feel grateful to someone who bring me into blogger world.  I never know I will blog this long and still maintain this although I'm busy now.  At least this is the place where I jot down my feeling on everything.   

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