Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Last Busy Week

I guess this will be the busiest week for most of the 3rd year seniors.  
Flash back to the first year and second year when I first came here.  

First year, there is a lecturer told us to go see seniors' fyp presentation because we gonna face this in the last year for our own FYP too.  That time I was just nobody and I don't know any of the seniors. Besides, I didn't even know what is FYP all about.  I knew it stands for Final Year Project, but I never knew what is it really about.

Come to second year, I finally know what is FYP about and this time I got to know some of the seniors.  I never find them so frustrated as what we are facing right now, I feel that they are so intelligence and so 'geng' cause none of the seniors that I know didn't finish their system!  They can finish on time and they even went to see others presentation!  I wonder how they did that!!!  *roll eyes*

Now is our turn!  Tomorrow is Monday... (move the mouse to my left corner to confirm the day) and Thursday is my turn!  Once I got this in my mind, my stomach started to fill with butterflies!  Argh... I'm not feeling well... =(  
However, I know after this week, everything will be better.  I know at least I have to be tough until end of this week!  So people, FIGHTING!!!

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