Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week 12 Ended

Week 12 has already ended but week 13 is very near.  It is Saturday today.  I bet those who gonna present on Monday will definitely feel nervous by now, because I'm presenting on Thursday but I have already feel my nerves are jumping and shaking like hell.  Gosh!
The worst thing is pity those who are going to present on Monday, because currently we have water crisis!  From yesterday until Monday there will be no water supplies from tap but we have to go down to take water ourselves like what we used to do during first year.  Seriously can't really concentrate in this hot weather plus no water to bath!  *sob sob*

Oh! As I said earlier I am presenting on Thursday 10am, the worst thing is there are 3 groups before us and 2 of the groups are top students!  I know I'm paranoid potato, but I'm still scare and nervous about the presentation!  Argh...  Just imagine when your product is not as good as those top students and then you are going to present after them!  OMG!!

6 days till my turn to present, but 28 days till my turn to go home!  hooray!!!

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