Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nail Color

I think this is the first time I do manicure for this semester.  Last semester I was like crazy with all this and keep on changing color everyday until my nail become unhealthy and yellowish. =(
But this semester I hardly find the time to play with my nails plus need lots of patient when playing around with the nails.  Especially when you need to wait for it to dry.
I really like the color.  I wanted to put on super red color but I got no red color so ended up Bibian choose a color for me.  For your information, I didn't do this myself but Bibian did this for me!  Billion thanks to her.  Seriously I really don't know how to put nail color on my own nails especially when I need to apply on my right hand.  My left hand will never obey what I want to do.  >.<
Now I'm super satisfied with my nail color!  Hahahahaha!

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