Thursday, May 17, 2012

Convocation Date

First of all, I wanna show you how long is my hair.  I did mention in my previous post that my hair has already reach my low waist.  I know is hard to believe but I think it is super difficult to keep this long.  I trimmed my hair only in this past 2 years, I didn't cut my hair just to make sure it become longer and longer. 
Just ignore my tummy, I know I'm super fat now.  I nearly get into obese category I guess, now I have to work hard to pull myself back into safe zone. >.<
So back to the hair topic.  My hair is now difficult to take care, I don't know how they (those who has super long and healthy hair) take care of their hair.  Hair treatment?  Or conditioning everyday?  Cause now I find difficult to wash this length long hair.  I have to use more shampoo to wash hair too!  Now can't wait to go back home and have a new hair cut.  Yeah, I mean CUT, not TRIM.

Yesterday we had meeting with our LI (praktical) coordinator.  The meeting is about the practical that we gonna take after our final from 25 June until 21 September.  In thought the practical is as simple as we go to work at a place and write our own report then submit on time, but it is not that easy.  The  procedures and forms will drive me crazy.  There are lots of things to prepare during the practical!

Okay, never mind.  I am sure I can do it also but I got the feeling that I will procrastinate as I got no work desk at home!  I scare I can't concentrate well and focus on doing report as I got lots of house activities to do. =p

Madam did mention about the CONVO date!  Previously I have already seen this information but it said that it wasn't confirm yet until yesterday Madam said it has already confirm.  So now I am so excited about this and told mama about this.  
For your information the date is 20 October until 22 October 2012.  Yeah, it was earlier than expected, I mean much earlier.  I thought the date will be on December, but ended up on October.  

I told daddy about this too, I asked him whether he will come or not, but he said mommy confirm going then mommy goes will do, he doesn't have to go.  Sometimes I really don't know why only one of them appear.  I know I'm greedy but I want both of them to appear, maybe appear in my family photo, but I know this will never happen.

So now concentrate on FYP and then final.  After all this the is our turn to graduate and say hello to the real world.  Aren't this exciting?  I know schooling time is the best time to enjoy and have fun because most of the adults tell me this.  I also know that once I step into the real world, the responsibility will become many times greater.  But I still want to go through all that because it is part of life!!!  Let's make it a tour for us, a tour that we have to put all our attention and energy.

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