Saturday, May 12, 2012

12 & 33

What is the numbers about as the topic of this post?  
Today is 12 of May!  and another 12 days will be my FYP presentation.  I'm excited of that and I really wish that day to come fast because I really can't wait to enjoy my life without FYP.  FYP really does torture our life as in physical and mental.
I want to finish FYP as fast as possible but of course pass this smoothly also la, then I can enjoy and relax in the rest of my days with assignments and finals.  After gone through this right, I suddenly feel that I rather do lots of assignments than FYP!!!

Then what is about number 33?
After 33 days I'm home!  Argh!!! after a year, I seriously can't wait to go home!  I miss everything about home, family and my dog!!!  GOsh.... homesick + ing now... ='(

Anyhow, I have to go through the most difficult part before I can enjoy my day with my family! so fighting!!!
Let's do our best for our FYP to not to regret for the rest of our life!!!

I look like this in front of people:
But the reality I am like this:
Ps; good luck to me and all who facing FYP now.

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