Wednesday, May 16, 2012

FYP II Report

Finally the day has come.  For third year students in our school, we have to hand in 2 reports which are report Project I and report Project II.  In the previous semester, we had done the report for Project I so now we have to proceed with Project II which are implementation on the system.  

Many of us do last minute work.  Who likes to do assignment?  But we like to procrastinate, that's for sure.  AND the consequence of being procrastinate and lazy is not enough time for the final product.  We learned the lesson, but we never want to apply what we learned.  Enough said.  I'm lazy and always procrastinate.

However, we still managed to complete the first part of this semester, the POSTER.  I almost forgot about the poster part and the lecturer is so good to inform us 4 days before the due date about what we should include in the poster and what we should prepare for the poster!  I really amazed with the efficiency of their work. ;)  Still, thank to God that I managed to finish my design fast and gave my supervisor to choose one.  (I designed 2 posters)  Guess he is satisfied with what we done. =)
You can have a clearer view of my poster here.

Okay, I know the poster is not very nice, but I satisfy with it already.  Oh! by the way, my supervisor chose this instead of the below one.
Which one nicer?  At the first glance, the second poster is nicer and organized but when you look a little longer on both posters, you will realize that the first poster is nicer!  Okay, maybe this is just my thought la.  So I think the first poster is nicer now!  Hehe

Submission of poster was 2 days ago, Monday and today is the submission of the report!  I managed to finish it together with my FYP partner until late night.  I still managed to sleep at nearly 4am but she didn't get to sleep at all!  I am really good in BULLYing her.  Haha!
Printing and binding are the most difficult part when we have to submit our FYP.  Because the one and only one shop in our campus always open and close without a confirm time!  So we did the binding part yesterday before printing to avoid any unwanted scene to happen.  And thank God once again that we managed to submit in time although we got lots of typo and printing problem before the submission.
Final report for Project II!  Now left the most valuable part to complete the whole FYP and prepare for graduate and waiting for the 3 months practical.
Left hand site is the report for Project II while the right site is the report for Project I.  I never know I can go through this far.  Now I am expecting for the next week to come and then final and finally home sweet home!
I know the process to reach home from now is super duper tired and exhausting, but when I think of I can go home and sleep on my own bed, having fun time and play time with my dog every evening, go out for breakfast with daddy and cuddle with mummy and granny, I feel all these are worthy.  Whenever I feel stress or sad because of this FYP, I will fully charged after think of all the sweet thing when I reach home.  All the stress gone!!!
For now this is the best think I can ever do to motivate myself!  I want to go home! =)

Ps: I wish everything smooth from now on until I am officially graduate.
Ps: Ng Meng Leng & Khaw Syn Wei, I want to graduate with you both, taking pictures of we wearing the 'robe' together!!! 
Ps: Happy Teachers' Day to all Teachers!!! <3

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