Thursday, May 31, 2012

Socks Curl

I am so not expert in using iron curler and my hair become straight very fast.  When I done curl on the top part, my bottom part of my hair become straight dy.  I really have no idea how to make my hair look bouncy and curl!
Finally found a alternative way on doing a super curly hair.

1. Simply take few cloths that you don't want and cut them into long pieces (in around 30cm x 5cm, you usually you will only need 4 stripes)
2. Just roll your hair on the cloths and tie them up like shown in the picture below.
3. And then, sleep over it.  

Easy?  Yeap, that's easy. =D  
But it might be a little bit tricky when you roll your hair up.  Your hair might ended up super messy and loose but practice make perfect! 
Super curly right! Yeah!!! The curly and bouncy look!!!  I seriously like this too! =D

It is super easy, and you don't have to scare whether you hair will spoil because this is heatless!  All you have to sacrifice is during the curling session, you will look extremely ugly.  But still worth it right, because the next morning you can see a beautiful curl hair. =D