Friday, May 25, 2012

Before During After FYP

FYP is so far away from me where that time I was so scared and nervous.  But I don't know why I got the excited feeling in my heart.  The night before yesterday (24.5.2012 was my presentation day), I didn't sleep well because of the excitement!  Yet, my partner and I still managed to get at least 6 hours of sleep night before the presentation.  I got lots of wishes from friends and family so I am so excited with the presentation that gonna be presented in front of lecturers although I knew that we might get lots of 'bullets' from them.  I went to the presentation since the first group of the day started.  Seriously the whole day on Thursday, I really have to say, all the systems are consider as powerful system. 

Finally is our turn.  I was like take forever to wait for my turn because supposedly we were arranged to present at 10am, but the previous groups took around an hour each group to present.  Guess how long we took for the presentation?  We took only 20 minutes!  The lecturer didn't ask weird questions, they didn't even make us difficult at all!  We are consider lucky.  I mean really lucky.  Funny thing during the presentation is Sir Yuszren asked us to put more cherries on the cake (as our system includes drag and drop cake customization) and Dr. Zamhar came to play and have fun with the customization cake himself!  Lol!!  Overall, there was nothing to ask from the lecturer and we just ended that way.

I felt like I got nothing left but go home.  I don't even feel want to bother about my final, I feel that everything is done and over!  All the tough things had over, now we are taking time to sleep and rest. Too bad sleep for more than 8 hours a night is not my style and I have no idea why I can't sleep from 12am until 12pm.  >.<
Now FYP left report which is my part and I'm waiting for my examiner to mark our report so I can do correction on my report.

ps: I heard yesterday was the evaluation of all project by testing and watching from the CD we gave.  Now we starts to worry because our system need Internet or else most of the function is not work.. FML

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