Wednesday, May 30, 2012

After FYP, We Eat

This would be the last time we went out by bus no. 4 (I guess).  I wanted to walk the whole Labuan Town at first, but once I stepped on the UK's floor, I'm so lazy to go out from there already.  Plus I heard Guardian has located inside Giant, so I wanted to visit the new Guardian.  

Walked from ground floor to first floor then from first floor to ground floor.  We even sat down and drink our pearl tea at Zipangu cafe for an hour, reading magazine and comic.  Then here come the greatest news of the day.  We went to washroom since we drank too much water (pearl tea), then before we wanted to come out from the washroom, a friend of mine shouted and said her pants has spoiled just like what had happened to her formal pants.  The zip is not functioning anymore.  Then the only thing is we were glad because we were in the mall so it is easier to find a new pants.  Poor friend, she has to find a new jeans as her jeans is 'dead'.  The worst thing is we couldn't find a jeans for her because of her size.  When we thought that she might fit into the size, but some part of her body can't fit into it.  Finally found a pair that she can fit into after around 30 minutes, unfortunately the pants is kinda expensive.  It is around RM130!  

After bought the pants, she was in bad mood and wonder why she can be so fat until her pants spoiled in all sudden.  We kept comfort her by telling her that her pants is too old already, that's why the zip spoiled!  So it has no relation whether she is too fat until the pants spoiled.  Yet, she is still emo until when we sit down in Pizza Hut to have our lunch.

Malaysian cultural.  Took picture before we have our meal, but I forget to take picture on the pizza and the side order that we ordered!  @_@

Eat eat eat!  My friend somemore feel super sad and she ate as much as she can.  And then she claimed to have KFC as dinner, but I got no enough cash so I can't manage to treat her snack plate but only a very cheap ala carte.  If I got enough cash I would have treat her because she wouldn't listen even though I said she is fat already.

She is super sad as her wallet become so thin already because of the jeans.  Guess this few days she gonna stop eating but sleep for whole day... >__<
Aih, it is all because of FAT!

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