Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Can't Forget

I don't know why, there are just things that I can't forget, I want to forget about it, but when something related come along, it will remind me of that and then my mood ruined again.  I never like to be lied and I believe none of us like.  However there are always some people think that what they did or what they are doing are actually trying to not to make us sad.  

Is that an excuse?

I don't know whether it is an excuse or not, but it always remind me of being cheated.  I was in front of you talking about this to others when people ask me.  I cared about how you feel that's why I asked them not to ask, yet you still didn't want to correct me on the spot when people mention about this and say it wrongly.  This is like the whole world know about this and I'm the only one who don't know about this.  

You asked me to talk to you every time when we have problem within us, but I don't know when you are telling the truth and when you are lying.  I don't know when you are real and I don't know when you are fake.  That's why I can't really communicate with you and rather choose not to give and respond to you.  

Every time when we talked about something, you have what you think and you know what you gonna do,  (and that's good I suppose)  but after 2 days later, you can change your mind out of sudden without any reason.  As we have already make ourselves in the decision but you change your mind in all sudden. 

One more thing.  You never let people know what is going on.  Sometimes people tend to forget something or missed out something, but you never want to remind people about that and cause us miss the opportunity.  The excuse you gave: I thought you all know about it and you all choose not to go.... yada yada yada...


ps: I post it here because I don't want to talk about this from my mouth, so please don't make me hate you more.
ps: Whoever you are.

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