Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FYP Presentation

I wanna update this post since long long time ago, but unfortunately all the pictures were taken by someone so I have to wait for him to upload I only can get the picture.

Before the presentation, I asked Audrey to wish us luck and gave Debbie a surprise.
I guess I success in giving her this surprise!  And of course thanks to Audrey for the wish! =D  I think we didn't ruin the whole presentation and the lecturers didn't ask difficult questions too! =DD

Mommy said I look so big size in this picture! >.<
Debbie is the one who do all the clicking and I'm the one who do all the talking.  

Took some pictures to keep as memory and syok sendiri around before we left the seminar room.  It was a nice experience although some of them might think that we didn't do the very best but I do think we have already do our best.

Yeah, I know some of you wanna ask why only take pictures with this few people.  Because I got so few friends who support me and come to see my presentation! (Joking la)  Because my presentation is in the morning, some of them had just finished their presentation the day before and they are exhausted to come for the presentation, so left so few of us.  And plus, I got very few friends, seriously few that's why only got this few of them who willing to take pictures with me. 

Anyway, I just wanna save this in part of my post in my blog as a memorable moment.   

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