Friday, May 25, 2012


Seriously don't understand why we always argue because of small matter, but when we are not arguing we are so close?  Seriously fed-up with this kind of feeling.  
Fed-up of arguing and fed-up of all this.

Why there are always appear that one person who wants to pretend that he/she knows you well.  Giving you lesson and all that as they don't know what happen and then judge people like that?  I told you before, I am not an super ordinary person.  My feelings and thoughts are sometimes different than yours.  My feelings and thoughts are always include evil-mind.  

Stop judging me that I don't tell you all things and what so ever.  It is annoying.  I just wanna be normal friend.  You want to be close is up to you, but I really can't let you all get too close in my own circle.  Alright, maybe sometime what you were saying were right, I know it deep in my heart but I'm the person that the more you want me to do it, the more I don't want to do it.  I like to play the other way round of what people thinking.  

I have changed a lot, maybe for you is just a small step.  When I started to try to be honest to you, then you start to say something that you should make your own decision or something like this kind of things why should you let me know...  Okay, maybe that's nothing to you, but that is something to me.

You are right, I never think of your feeling.  Maybe I'm cold that's why don't feel any feeling of yours.  I can even laugh when my friend is crying!
Ha Ha
I really don't know what to do next.  We are so so different on many ways.

Oh ya!
I'm selfish.

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