Saturday, May 1, 2010

Story About This Evening

This few days don’t know why keep fool by that person!  It seems like I did something wrong and offended him until he keep on fooling on me.  Whenever we met, he will sure say something terrible and making people have hurt feeling. 
I know he will read this post anyway, but I’m alright because I have used to it…  friends are always did that to me when I was in Secondary School.  Well, maybe you will say I’m stupid ba…

Today as usual I went jogging with them, and every time he sees sunset he will definitely mention salted fish!  Why?  OMG, that is a long long story to talk about.  It was so embarrassing and it should be ‘it is’ too, cause until now he will still talking about it!!!  Story???  You want to know????  Erm… actually it has been a long time story, hahahax but if you ask me I’ll still will tell you de~

But today I suddenly become animal!  And it is not a normal animal this animal is been mixed!!!  I think his imaginary is damn so good and it isn’t a wrong mistake I choose him to be ajk of JCN of decoration department!  =))

Suddenly mummy told me that it is impossible daddy ask ‘dai pak’ to fetch me to Kuantan cause that day is Sunday and the day after it will be Monday, tak kan they no need to work or go school??  After I heard that I feel so damn down!!!  Sigh… why can’t I have what I want or is it that is a difficult wish of mine?  Sigh…

Maybe this is what makes me become strong and cause myself to make the worst thinking every time I do something.  Well, I guess this time I have to make a bad prediction of it first to avoid myself to become sad.

p/s: left a week then I can step into AirAsia flight to depart to Peninsular, but why I don’t have the happy feeling or can’t wait feeling?

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