Friday, May 28, 2010

What A Morning...

Yesterday I got a nice sleep and it has been a long time I didn’t get to sleep this long already.
Guess how long I slept last night! I slept from 6pm and woke up at 6.30am! 
More than 12 hours.  Well, I’m really satisfied with it.  It has been long time I didn’t get to sleep this long.
Plan to go for badminton this morning, I asked few of my friends but end up only Leong willing to go with me. ==
Since it has been awhile I didn’t go out with Leong, so Leong pick me up this morning at 6.45am.
And then when we wanted to reach Teo Court, he said he doesn’t want to play actually because he is hungry.  (sweat la Leong…)
So at the end we went to the beach.  He sat there and I was standing there.  Talk, talk and talk nia…  talk about nonsense…
After awhile of chitchatting, we went for breakfast. 
Curry Mee AGAIN!!! 
Guess mummy will scold me when I back home once she knows that I eat curry mee AGAIN!!!  (It is true that she scolded me when she found out that I had curry mee as my breakfast because I just had it yesterday morning)

During the way back home, Leong told me that girls’ mind are unreadable. 
I feel funny about that cause I don’t even think that I’m that difficult to be understand. 
I usually will show my happiness and sadness on the face, if you really understand me then you will know whether I’m happy or in sad mood.
Leong, guess you do not understand me at all… hahahahax

Leong! Is all your fault that I can’t get to exercise…  T__T
Bad Leong!!!

p/s: people can be so thin while I can be so fat… 

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