Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It Was Yesterday

Good Morning~  
Just back from jogging and haven’t bath yet, so decided to blog while waiting my sweat flowing down and dry.

Recently I am watching a Japanese drama named <月之恋人/ Moon Lovers> via PPS (I’m now started falling in love in PPS).  The drama was starring by 木村拓哉, 筱原凉子, 林志玲. 
It is a new drama actually, until now I’ve just watched 2 episodes waiting for the next episode now. 
Till the episode that I have watched, I think the overall story not bad because it makes me want to continue to watch it, but I think林志玲’s is not match to木村拓哉’s height at all!  Well, maybe they purposely to do that.  Since 林志玲 is too tall, cause her has to bend down a little bit in the drama, if you do put attention in the drama then you will have notice that.

Here are the artists that involve in the drama.




Yesterday brought grandma to hospital to meet her doctor.  Just like usual, then when the way back home, I decided to buy cendol since the weather is so hot now.  Grandma was happy because she loves to drink cendol especially now her tongue got ulcers can’t eat anything but cold food and drink does make her feel comfortable!

Oh ya!  Forget to mention that I met Ee Loe and her friends there having tea time there.  She called me and I turn to her, I guess I gave her a weird expression.  Sorry Ee Loe, I didn’t mean to give those expression, I was shock to see you there.  I know you have been kind to say ‘HELLO’ to me but I didn’t seem to reply on that.  I saw you were with your friends so I didn’t know how to start anything to talk to you.  So so so sorry…  We talk when we meet during yam cha kay?  Sorry yea~

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