Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Before The Last Paper

The time shows 10.00am, guess lots of them back are on their way back to their home. 
The last paper of mine is later at 2pm, but all first year SSIL students are now in holiday mood and got no strength to study the last subject à Corporate Communication.

I woke up 6.30am this morning, heard lots of voices and noises from outside. 
Voices of people talking and noises of pulling their luggage. 
They are going back home!!! 
I am feeling weird now, very weird…
I didn’t countdown like I did last semester, I didn’t feel like excited when the days of going back home come nearer and nearer. 

What happen to me? 
Well, maybe because this is not the first time I’m going back home, maybe I’ve grown up, or maybe I’ve used to be this kind of situations. 

Well, there are lots of things to do when I go back too, so I should start planning now. =)
Gosh, got to read little bit more of the subject, if not I will be handing in empty answers.

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